Su-85I, is it worth it?

Jump to content. Is it worth it? My friend got it and it seems pretty fun from what I saw, I think it should work well as a damage support tank. Not sure about camo, but its pretty small so my guess would be it has a good camo factor. Don’t worry about if we think its “sexy” or not, it matters if YOU think it is: gl whatever your choice. Reminds me a bit of stug but even more fragile and the gun is not as accurate as in stug. Camo is good tough, at least with good crew and camonet. The income is not very good even with premium. As a crew trainer it’s ok and if you like to play support DT style games it is ok. You can not brawl with it because you can be one shotted by a medium with a derp gun quite easily.

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Jump to content. I like mine a lot and it is unique. But yes, the arc on the cannon is like throwing a curve ball and it is difficult to master. IndygoEEI, on Mar 09 – , said:. FrozenKemp, on Mar 09 – , said:.

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The SUI is a Soviet tier 5 premium tank destroyer. Along with the creation of the SUI, there were attempts to mount a mm gun on the captured German Pz. III tanks. The vehicle never entered mass production or saw service. The SUI was first released during patch 0. However, it is not terribly accurate. It should be played like a support tank, although sniping is not impossible.

The penetration of the gun with AP ammo is good enough to pen almost all tanks in tier 5 and 6, with exception of some heavys and TDs. Because the gun is not reliable enough to fire at weakspots from long distances, it is advised to carry some APCR to deal with heavy armored tanks. While the armor is decent for its tier, it will be penetrated by almost anything the tank is matched against.

It’s important to make use of good camouflage to stay hidden, take shots at unaware enemies, then use mobility to move to a new location or behind cover. Remember that the tank has excellent maneuverability, and can therefore relocate very quickly and effectively. Because of the weak armor and overall low survivability, Sixth Sense will help you to know when you are spotted. Since this is a premium vehicle, you can train any existing Soviet TD crew much more efficiently due to the modifiers.

Su-85I, is it worth it?

By Garbad , April 18, in Russia. Why is a large distributed group of hackers and social activists interested in a review on a tier 5 premium TD? Because they are really isolated, random neckbeards who imaged they were part of a group because they have nothing else? I wonder if you could compare it to the su, based on how they perform for their tier?

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Most universities have policies about faculty-student dating. Table of contents. Wednesday, January 23, 8: Does a line need to be drawn? Last spring, Arkansas Tech University relieved its head and assistant softball coaches of their duties. It was alleged that a relationship between the assistant coach and starting catcher developed, and due to the head coach defending her assistant, she also suffered the consequences.

At the same time, however, there are a few reasons why these types of relationships do not harm anyone. Nothing illegal is truly being committed in these situations, but most universities do have policies put in place to prevent such relationships. Athletes need to be able to trust in their coaches. They need to have the reassurance that they can be on a close level, not only with the coach but all of their teammates as well. There will be all sorts of pressure placed on the coach: The top reason for why a player and coach relationship is immoral seems to be special treatment.

When they fight, the team no longer has a coach but a sadist. Now, what if the coach is able to remain the same and be consistent?

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