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Hemingray-42 History and Value

The 10B is a mold number, serving to identify the exact iron mold used. For more info on Hemingray and Hemingray products, check out these sites: ; ;. Production continued after a purchase by Kerr Glass Manufacturing Co. For a listing of some primary embossings found on glass insulators, and the glass factories that may have produced them,.

HEMINGRAY A collection of 66 glass threaded pin type insulators from North America. Many of these insulators were used on telegraph poles for wire line.

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Insulator Historical Timeline!

Installed in on the transmission line, the CD was used from , a total of 94 years of continuous service. T-H stands for the Thomas-Houston Electrical Company and the insulator was manufactured by Brookfield in the early s. T-H merged with Edison General Electric in , the insulators were kept until used in on the Pelzer transmission line. Roughly 2, CD were installed on the transmission line. Over the years the insulators were replaced, most of them survived until , when many were broken for the 00 gauge copper wire.

Light Green, snowy, amber or any other shades can be worth more.

Thus, is a much more likely date for the Hemingray manufactured tableware, bottles, jars, and insulators, and the creation of each.

Click here to see what you are missing! Some are a hard plastic maybe bakelite? Is there any way of determing how old these insulators are? Bob L. Ah, my other hobby Without photos or a note of the embossing on them, it’s really hard to say. Some of the glass in the later years has a date code molded onto it if you know how to read it.


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Glass/Insulators–vintage, antique and collectible–available for sale at Hemingray #42 Clear But Green Tinted Glass Insulator. Hemingray #

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Not sure which insulator you have? Get started here. Browse by Popularity CD Style Series. Hemingray Glass Insulator Database. Welcome to the Hemingray Glass Insulator Database!

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Insulators color chart I kinda want to find these and collect because I love colored glass and the story behind them is pure Americana See related links to what you are looking for. Check out this handy list of yard sale finds that are perfect for wedding day decor. Part two in our series. I’m officially smack dab in the middle of spring cleaning mode.

Which is less cleaning than it is rearranging. It started with the project Antique glass insulators. This rare green L’Electro Verre “noser” insulator is in very good condition, with just a few scuffs on the dome. CD These insulators used to be mounted on poles to carry telephone, telegraph, power, and railroad signal lines, back before all that was buried underground.

We combine shipping for multiple…. The maker is not known.

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If you collect antique glass insulators, you may encounter the venerable Hemingray telegraph insulator. This recognizable model came in many different colors, some of which are rare and valuable. Learn about the history of the Hemingray, as well as how to identify one you may have found.

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By Maribeth Keane — August 19th, In this interview Ian Macky describes the origins, types, shapes and colors of collectible antique glass insulators. His son had a bunch of insulators on the window sill in his bedroom. You always think of glass as being fragile, but it was used for some pretty industrial uses. So I asked him about them and it turns out all the original insulator collectors were linesmen.

So my neighbor knew a lot of other insulator collectors and it just went from there.

Hemingray insulators

Writen by Bill Meier. There are often dots present after the year code. A dot was added for each additional year of production after the mold was made. Generally, these were neatly aligned in two rows after the year code, looking like a row of colons. But, a colon is really two dots. In some cases the dots are around, above, and below the “-” dash.

50 plus Hemingray insulators. Hemingray # 16,17,42,45,patented,patented May 2 ,& Large Westinghouse. Will deal.

Fence posts, metal strapping, and glass insulators still on their posts have been repurposed as one-of-a-kind home dec pieces for your table or bookshelf. Please note which sizes you would like to purchase. Height: Glass Insulators from ‘s Beautiful colors. Dreams Made Real. Steampunk Lamp. This very unique brass lamp sits on top of a marble bass. It adjusts at the top and bottom and it turns left and right for a fully adjustable lamp.

Antique Glass Insulators

This page needs: Dating and ID info for other manufacturers, manufacturer initials, info on insulator types. It is common to want to know the origins and age of an insulator you found. This guide will explain how.

Hemingray-marked insulators with the phrase “MADE IN U.S.A” are believed to date after I am assuming your insulator is a blueish-green (aqua) color, not​.

Hemingray Glass Company is the best known and was the most prolific glass insulator manufacturer in the world. Hemingray began as a small operation in Cincinnati in The exact year when actual insulator production ended at the Covington site is still undetermined, but it was likely sometime in the period. The Covington factory also re-opened for a short time in the period. The business offices remained at Covington until , at which time all operation was moved to Muncie. The Hemingray factory and business offices were located on Macedonia Avenue, in the southern part of Muncie.

Date codes were embossed on most insulators made after , and the majority but certainly not all of post production was made in clear colorless or off-clear glass. Glass building blocks, a major item made for many years, was discontinued in March of and production of insulators was discontinued in ….. The very last glass insulators made were produced at the Indiana Glass Company factory located in Dunkirk, Indiana, using molds that had been moved from Muncie to that location.

Lightning rod insulators, and various sizes of spool insulators were also made. The No. The Hemingray No.

Dating Hemingray Insulators

Antique glass insulators are a low cost but very popular collectible. They are easy to find, come in a variety of colors, and make a colorful display. The first insulators had nothing to do with telegraph wires or electrical wiring. They were the glass insulators that were used to protect homes against lightening strikes. Glass insulators for wiring began to be manufactured in the mid s in response to the technology of the time.

Samuel Morse had created the first working telegraph in and by telegraph lines were being strung from one coast of America to the other.

They promptly started to add date codes to the molds, something that was not on previous Hemingray insulators. In they aded a 0 to the molds, molds.

Brief overview of Hemingray Glass Insulators: Hemingray was the world largest manufacture of glass insulators. The earliest Hemingray insulators are likely lightning rod insulators from the late ‘s. The last Hemingray insulator was made in They continued to produce insulators a full 30 years from this date, the scale of their manufacture is quite impressive, even by modern standards. Threadless: Little is known about Hemingray manufacturing of threadless insulators.

They most likely made several styles, but more research is needed to prove this. On style we know of is the CD Patent No.

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