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Everyone who registers will get to choose either their own personal matchmaker, who will suggest possible matches for them, or a team of administrators who will share multiple profiles that they can choose from. The service is available for anyone who is chanting the Hare Krishna mantra on a daily basis and following religious principles, and who can provide 2 character references from senior ISKCON devotees, such as mentors or service authorities. This is a great offering for the 50th anniversary celebration to Srila Prabhupada. Plans for expansion include inviting qualified couples from other ISKCON centres around the UK to join the team and represent devotees from their own communities. Therefore it is truly inspiring to see that the Krishna Marriage Team has come together and now launch this tremendous marriage networking facility. For further information about the service and team, as well as access to helpful resources for devotees changing ashram, please visit www. Can a vegetarian diet improve or restore health? Since the s, scientists have suspected that a meat-based diet is somehow related to the development of arteriosclerosis and heart disease. Lake Island Retreats Discover your relationship with your body, mind and soul. Includes Yoga, meditation, massage options, walking and Eastern philosophy.

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Actor Aslam Khan. Leela Patel. Arun Mathur.

Online matchmaking and dating system. Register with us to find your perfect match. Hare Krishna!!! Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila.

Janderson Fernandes de Oliveira used to dream of a man with a white beard who he met years later in an ashram at Rishikesh, after which he became a guru at the ashram. Prem Baba, formerly Janderson Fernandes de Oliveira. Credit: R. But Brahma is popular among the Brazilians. Not as a god though, but as a brand of beer. Brahma is advertised in posters, bill boards and media all over Brazil.

The company which produces this beer — Companhia Cervejaria Brahma Brahma beer company —was established way back in When he turned 33, Oliveira stopped drinking Brahma beer and opted for Ganga jal Ganges water , chanting the name of Brahma and other gods. He has taken to Indian spiritualism and become a guru in the spiritual capital Rishikesh with the name Sri Prem Baba. Prem Baba is proud to be a son of the Sachcha lineage. But the young couple got a cultural shock, like most other western tourists.

The poverty, unhygienic conditions, dust, noise and crowds made India an uncomfortable and strange world for the newly married couple.

Imphal’s Iskcon Temple holds a special place for Lord Krishna’s disciples

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Seeing Nimai Chaitanya Mahaprabhu grow up into a handsome young man, Saci mata started thinking about His marriage. Vallabha acharya was a pious brahmana residing at Nabadwip during those days. Sri Vallabha acharya was equal to King Janaka father of Sita devi in every respect. His daughter, Lakshmipriya, was as beautiful as Goddess Lakshmi. By the will of providence, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Lakshmipriya devi met one day at the bank of the Ganges while she had gone for bathing. She too recognized her eternal master and mentally worshipped His lotus feet.

Daive Lakshmi ekdin gela Ganga snane Gaura-chandra henoi somoye seikhane nija-Lakshmi chiniya hashila Gaura-chandra Lakshmi-o bandilo mane Prabhu-pada-padma Chaitanya Bhagavata, Adi, By the will of providence, a matchmaker whose name was Vanamali, visited the residence of Saci mata on that very day. He urged Saci Mata to consider getting Nimai married soon. He suggested that Lakshmipriya, who was in no way inferior to goddess Lakshmi, would be the perfect match of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.


She is reincarnation of Goddess Radhika. Vishnupriya was born to Sanatan Mishra of Nabadwip. After the death of Lakshmipriya from the effects of a snakebite Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ‘s mother Saci Devi requested him to marry Vishnupriya. According to caste, Sanatana Misra was situated in a higher social position, and so might not agree to the wedding. Saci was concerned that Sanatana Misra, who was higher in social position would refuse to marry his daughter to Nimai Pandita, the son of poor parents, and who had a reputation as an eccentric.

Matrimony Sites, Matrimonial, Online Matchmaking & Marriage Services Secret Rendevous of Radha Krishna (Reprint on Paper – Unframed) Radha Krishna.

Jashomatinandana Das is convinced it is the Lord’s will that the International Society for Krishna Consciousness should be setting up a chain of eateries in India. No wonder, then, that the widespread religious group is going about the job in right earnest: 22 Govinda’s Prasadam restaurants will come up in the next two years, says the president of Iskcon.

And since everything is prabhu ki iccha , the revenue model for the chain will be based on altruism, not mercantilism — the pricing has been kept eater-friendly. The first such restaurant, spread over 35, square feet, has come up in Ahmedabad, while the second one will be opened in Vadodara by the end of this calendar year. ISKCON will operate more than 10 such restaurants across the country and a total of 22 will be set up in two years, 12 through the franchisee model.

In fact, the Harerama Harekrishna temple complex in Juhu, Mumbai, has an in-house restaurant that offers the delicious chhappan bhog 56 food items , Iskcon Temple runs the Hare Krishna Bakery, a small place that serves baked food, including pizzas, cakes, and mango milk shakes. Krishna Consciousness is sometimes called the ‘kitchen religion’, since the movement’s founder, Srila Prabhupada, first cooked for his young disciples in New York.

The movement has gone on to become famous for its pure vegetarian food. ISKCON officials, however, fret about the success of the venture, given that the cuisine will not have onion and garlic, since this goes against the philosophy of the organisation. Initially, food items will be sold through the outlets, besides soft drinks and ice-cream. Later, new fare will be added every month. In Mumbai, the restaurant will be located at our temple in Juhu.

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Is it compulsory for a man and a woman to have more than 18 gun common in their kundli, for their happy married life? Usually astrologer should not only depend on computer programs but should have sensitivity and knowledge also. Hare Krishna.. Approaching a knowledgeable and experienced devotee astrologer is definitely a good idea Apart from that, it is also very important for the couples to have mutual understanding Astrological match, Guru Maharaj’s blessings and devotees’ prayers can protect your marriage but whether the marriage is a success or failure Both have to be accountable


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